Sunday, February 27, 2011

Reason #8 I love cloth diapers

I love how reusing cloth diapers makes me think about how my life style impacts the environment.  Mostly I think about all the trash that I throw away.  If I can reuse diapers what else can I reuse... sandwich bags, baby wipes, nursing pads, trash bags- also cleaning with vienegar and baking soda instead of buying cleaners that have lots of chemicals and packaging.  Nothing too big but it has just made me realize more of what it is that I am using and what I am doing with it.  I don't know what all I can do but I hope that a higher awareness will help me to do better with that sort of thing.

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So this is a hobby turned into a habit turned into an obsession. I love cloth diapers. I love learning about them, making them, using them! I am addicted. I thought I should start a different blog from the family blog where I can gather all my information and indulge in my current addiction=)