Monday, February 14, 2011

The Poo Poo Diaries

My son is at that point in his life where he doesn't have to go poo all the time.  Really it is so awesome not having to change poopy diapers every two hours.  However, when he goes, he really goes.  As a result things get pretty messy almost once a day.  I have noticed that these ruffled edges on my pocket diaper are doing better at a lot of things.  Today they kept the poo not only inside of the diaper but inside of the line of the ruffle so that nothing came out at the legs. 

I love this diaper anyway because it has not only a hidden layer of PUL for waterproof protection, but the outside layer is minkey which is also good at repelling water.  As a result it looks super plush and doesn't wick or leak.  Except for today, the poo went up a little and out the back of the diaper.  The next minkey dipe I make will have to have elastic in the microfiber inner as well as the outside layer in order to adequately battle the forces of nature. 


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