Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reason #10 I love cloth dipaers

I love that cloth diapers go in the dry pail and not the trash Great because instead of throwing my money away I am saving it.  Also great because instead of throwing away trash I am reusing my dipes.  Honestly I am more motivated by money than I am about saving the planet, but I am still worried about the planet.  I am not the greenest gal this earth has seen but I like to make small changes that make a difference. Although there is lots of info. on both sides about whether cloth diapers actually are greener, I think the fact that they are not littering the landfills is a major bonus that posies can't claim.  I am not sure how much more water is used to clean the diapers but to be honest kids make lots of messes and there is a lot more washing to do anyway.  I would guess that that is somewhat comparable to all the stuff that goes into making a few hundred posies.  But it would be interesting to see the actual comparison.  Mostly, I like to avoid litter.  
Without a doubt they are significantly cheaper.

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