Sunday, March 6, 2011

So many dipes, so little time.

A friend of mine is expecting soon and is going to cloth diaper.  She had her shower yesterday and when I asked her what she wanted she said she would like one of those cloth diapers that I make.  I have never made one for someone else but I tried to make a cute one for her.  It is an all-in-2 diaper.  I thought it would be nice for her to try.  I also thought up a name for "my diapers" (just living the dream here) and called them Sunny Bums for my nickname, plus a cute diaper twist, and then what it was made out of and care instructions.  She is having a little girl so I got pink minky.  I love minkey because it is really good at never wicking and helping the whole outside of the diaper stay dry.  So I made the outer shell out of pink minkey and then did a hidden layer of white PUL and then an inner layer of micro-fleece, which is also pretty good at keeping the diaper from wicking too much.  I then made the soaker out of two layers of bamboo fleece that sandwiched a layer of microfiber.  I did a test on it to see how much it could hold and the soaker soaked up about 150 ml.  I looked it up and little babies pee like 30 or 50 ml at a time, so I think that it should work pretty good.  This is how it turned out:

After I finished making this one for her I really wanted to try making one for my little boy.  I did almost the exact same thing except I used different elastic on the legs and instead of minky I used this super cute cotton fabric.  I have only tried it once but it really worked very well.  I love the print so much, I can't wait till the summer when he can just wear his diaper.

If you look close you can see the cute little camouflage snaps that I got for free from kam snaps. 

Here is the all in two soaker thing that snaps in.

And then I made some nursing pads from the scraps.  I really like the bamboo fleece better than the flannel but they both seem to work pretty well.


  1. Those are so cute!!! I love them. Did you make your own pattern or did you find one off of the internet somewhere?

  2. hey Cindy, Thanks! I found a few online but most of the ones I use I just copy from the diapers I already have onto an old paper bag and then adjust them however I want or just leave them the same.


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