Sunday, May 1, 2011

A lot learned

I have been so busy the last little while but I have learned quite a bit more about diaper making.
First of all I made some super trim diapers that fit my boy like a disposable.  they are just so thin and nice and they don' get wet.  I sewed them with a ruffle like elastic that was sewed into a casing.  I think that that helped prevent wicking.  I also had some cute cotton prints left over so I just sewed them on like a little appliqué.  Here's a few pics.  These are all one size, pocket diapers or medium sized diapers.  Even the one size are super trim.  They are all made out of one layer of micro-chamois and pul, polyknit elastic, and plastic snaps.  Each one was about $2.50 to make.

Here are some pictures of the turquoise:

And this is one that I made out of a diaper cut of cute robot pul:

Here is a cute white one with a giraffe on the bum:

I made a couple more in red that are not shown here but they follow the same basic pattern and have cute appliqués as well. 

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